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Garden - Plumeria

Got two of these in april 2011 but they seem a bit sensitive.I have a few of these all over the place. They are in theory easy to propogate from cuttings.

They are the plants that create the flowers used for the Hawian necklaces.

Plumeria September 2014

These are in general doing really well.

Plumeria October 2012

Some died and totally vanished, others have settled in.

Plumeria November 2011

Still alive, but they have dropped most of their leaves. I think thats winter for them as I noticed the plants at the garden center also had few leaves. Also got a whole bunch of these from a garage sale.


Hopefully they are still alive.

Aug 2011: They are still alive and actually pretty hardy, at least to both weeds and lack of water. See how they fair this winter. One of them has in fact gone completly mad and more than doubled its size!!! You can see the one on the left (?) has a dead stalk, thats because from the moment I first planted it it wilted and died leaving me to believe it was a very sensitive plant, however, as you can see, it has grown its own new stalk, and maybe it will proove to be fairly hardy. As ever, the plant of the left was $6-8 from the garden store and the one on the right was $1 from a garage sale!!