Florida Garden


Got this Wisteria from Zone 9 Tropicals by mail in August 2011.

Im hoping that it will climb up the chimney but i'll be lucky if its still alive.

Wisteria August 2014

It seems to be focussing all its energy in growing on the roof now and not at the base around the chimney.

Wisteria August 2013

This has sort of grown. The string I used to train it was virtually rotted away from the sun. I went up onto the roof and it was bleached through all the way around the chimney. However, when I got up there I noted on the roof area there was a huge clump of flowers. i didnt go back up for a photo but you can just about see the flowers to the left of the chimney in one of the shots. I replaced the rope with some wire that should last quite a few years I think. Also, I took a few of the shoots and shoved them around the chimney so hopefully it will establish itself around the chimney and wont need a support. - More excitment as 3 weeks after writing this it looks like its about to flower where I can see it.

Wisteria December 2012

Still there, not doing much over winter but im really looking forward to seeing what this does in 2013.

Wisteria October 2012

Since July this has gone through the roof almost literally, its shot right up the rope and established itself at the top. Im quite impressed with that. I guess thats just one years activity so im getting pretty excited about what its going to do next.

Wisteria July 2012

OK, its holding its ground. I just think it needs to root itself to the chimney properly and it will be established. Currently its just climbing the old bambo shoot. I just climbed up on the roof and set a bit of rope for the Wisteria to climb and sort of curled it about it at the base.

Wisteria February 2012

Not done a lot over Xmas, but at least its still there.


Wisteria is great for covering a crappy looking house like mine.

November 2011

Unexciting progress over August.

August 2011

Well, the Wisteria is doing well. I have got it tentativly climbing something, but even the base is thickening up and looking set for a great second year.