Florida Garden


Current bamboo is California Gold, got it from local garden centre in 2011 and its really prolific.

Bamboo August 2013

This has sent up a massive shoot. The pole itself is nearly 2 inches in diameter.

Bamboo November 2012

Another super tall shoot, this time even bigger than the first, unbelievable growth. This has to be drinking up loads of water. Im wondering if the roots have killed the Majesty Palm nearby thats died off.

Bamboo October 2012

This is an incredible grower, its sending up new shoots that are an inch in diameter right from the start. One shoot appears to have been broken, maybe by kids but this plant seems pretty unstoppable. Whilst not 100% coverage its already creating quite a screen.

Bamboo July 2012

No photos just yet, but the bamboo has grown to about 20 feet tall and the next shoot is alone over 8-10 feet tall. And the stem itself is a good inch in diameter. This has really grown quickly. I'll take some photos soon.

Bamboo February 2012

One of the newer shoots has really shot up and is almost taller then the main part is is a very hard bambo cane already, its quite exciting really. You can sort of see the shoot in the latest photo.

Bamboo November 2011

Looks bright and healthy.


Im hoping to create a screen, apparently it grows quite fast. I planted it along a bit where there is concrete creating a natural container for it.

Got this Bamboo from Zone 9 Topicals by mail. It was only about £19 I think, or less? But it was cheaper than any bamboo that I could see elsewhere.

Its the Nigra variety which means that the stems go black

August 2011

Well, this stuff died, but I got some new stuff at the independent garden store for $20 and it is far more developed. It was a bit worse for wear. I could have go an even better one for $30 or both but the pot was far too large (and maky from rain) and the stems were at least 3m long and alive, so i left it and just got the $30 one. the new stuff is called California Gold.