Florida Garden

Dutchmans Pipe

Got this from Zone 9 Tropicals in 2011.

Dutchmans Pipe August 2013

This is a strange one. Its clearly really gone for it and then died. It must be quite sensitive to the weather.

Dutchmans Pipe April 2013

I have a fealing the leaves should be bigger, but considering the time of year im quite impressed with the current performance. Definatly seems to be establishing itself.

Dutchmans Pipe December 2012

Strange one this, but its really going for it, but seems to loose it all really quick too.

Dutchmans Pipe October 2012

Its lost much of its original growth. Because I havnt been here since July its quite hard to say why? Maybe it didnt get enough water? Maybe too much sun? Maybe its been too wet? Or maybe its just its time of year to drop back? I was hoping for extra growth and coverage so im now just hoping it survives. Maybe its spending most of its efforts establishing itself?

Dutchmans Pipe July 2012

Looks like its doing quite well. I just hope it doesnt all die off in the winter or anything.

Dutchmans Pipe February 2012

Im just happy that its still there and delighted that its growing as well. This is a pretty exciting tropical and the stemm is doing pretty good too. Hopefully the hot weather wont thwart it at all as its looking set to actually do something.

Dutchmans Pipe November 2011

Still alive. It lost some of the growth from August but appears to be advancing again. I think its easy come easy go with this vine. I hope it manages to break through the one shoot stage and start blanketing the wall.

Dutchmans Pipe

Later saw a more mature one in Home Depot.

Dutchmans Pipe August 2011

Seems to be doing OK. Appears that it got quite a way and then died back. Even in my short time here I have seen it grow 6 inches or so, it makes prograss on a daily level. In the 2 weeks that I was here this plant tip grew from the second plank down on the wall up to the latest photo, or rather about 2 feet. I wish everything grew at that rate, especially its pal the Wisteria a few meters away. Very exciting, but you can see that it must have sone that before as theres a dead vine to the left. Im guessin gthat it grew and then there was a drought and it died, so it appears to be easy come easy go?