Florida Garden

Saw Palmetto

In November 2009 I planted some Saw Palmetto. I got it from a plant store and it was quite expensive, relativly. Since then it has been consistently overgrown by weeds, but luckily its still alive and hanginging in there.

I kind of like the Saw Palmetto plant, in particular for its seeds which you can eat I think.

Saw Palmetto

DEAD - boo hoo.

Saw Palmetto

Currently I only have 1 photo of when I planted it and like with many of my plants I have noted, its smaller now than it was when I planted it, but im hoping the day will come when it makes its ground and becomes dominant.

As you can see, the Saw Palmetto of two years ago is by far the healthier specimen, and thats because it is generally buried beneath weeds. Everytime I come out here I just cant see it for weeds, its probably one of the best growing spots in the whole garden, at least this is the best showing of Mexican Petunias there is.

August 2011

Well, its definatly having a hard time of it, but im actually quite hopeful... Its definatly still there, it just needs a chance to breath a bit more.