Florida Garden


Got a couple of these last year but they didnt do too well, but one is still alive.

Fortunatly the label is still there identify it.

Sanchezia August 2013

Looking good.

Sanchezia April 2013

Im getting the idea that this doesnt like being watered and so I try to avoid watering it. When its watered its leaves tend to rot off.

Sanchezia October 2012

I find it hard to believe that I havent written this one up before, I took a photo in July but didnt add it, plus a new one in October 2012. Essentially it looks pretty happy. Cant remember when I planted it but im guessing it was 2010. I kind of forgot about it, but its still there and its doing OK if I must say.


I dont really buy plants like this anymore because they get overgrown too quickly when I go back to England, the fact its still alive, in theory, is a bonus.

August 2011

Its actually doing well, but, according to Floridata it should be 6-8 feet tall!!! lol. If I had known that I might not have planted so many other things around it!!! I'll be surprised if it does get that big, but im starting to believe that year 3 for any plant is going to be a growth year, the first being establishing itself, the second being recovering from establishing itself and the third, if its still alive, thriving in my amazing garden.