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Garden - Hibiscus

Got one of these a few years ago and it sort of skuls abount in front of the house. It doesnt look tropical so its not of much interest, its the sort of thing old people might grow? lol. Well, I have two of them now as I got another at the garage sale.

November 2011

I now have this in about 3 places, near the porch, on the front fence and also as it appears under the Oak. You can see some pictures of the Hibiscus in the Oak from Nov 11 but I have also included an old photo (from Jan 2009) which shows what I vagely remember, that there was something else growing in with the Oak, and you can just about make out all the red dots. I think, that it must have had a massive Hibiscus growth in there that probably died with the frost. That would explain how it could grow so high in the tree now so quickly, it must have massive roots and probably didnt die all the way back. But the old photo shows a MASSIVE growth. Cant believe I didnt spot it before!!!

August 2011

This is going really well, especially the one near the porch behind the Queen Palm.