Florida Garden

Purple Queen

Have a few of these along the front of the house in 2010.

Purple Queen April 2013

They are still holding their own. they do get covered in weeds quite a bit but they are still strong in there.

Purple Queen November 2011

Looking back on it, I planted 5 of these probably a year and a half ago to two years and they are all actually still there. They have not flourished, but they are still there. Especially after I had considered them to have all died. I think that as the general denseness of the vegetation along the front increases the better they are going to do. Firstly they have developed their roots, but also they are not as exposed to the direct sunlight that that area gets. Hopefully next year they will flourish and increase in size so you dont need a guide to point them out. In the photos below, starting from the rather shaded one, you can see all 5 plants. The shaded one looks healthier and has sprouted extra stems in the background. The others are in various stages of largeness with only one being a fullish plant and none of them as big as they were when I got them. Many of them had actualy vanished and I remember worrying over cutting one up accidently and thinking I had killed it.

Purple Queen

These onces seems a little more hardy and are sold in Home Depot under the Florida Friendly brand.