Florida Garden

Variegated Privet

I planted a bunch of hedges along the front of the garden.

I started with small ones in 2010 but they took ages to do anything so I got in some bigger ones at Xmas.

Variegated Privet August 2013

Seem to be really starting to developing into a hedge line. Maybe next year I can start trimming it?

Variegated Privet December 2012

They are holding their own. I think once they establish themselves they might accelerate their growth. Initially they were a bit exposed nd sensitive to heat but as they get bigger they shade their location, plus, the garden is busier and there are more plants offering shade and breaks from constant direct sun. I can in theory already prune some of them but I dont want to yet as I dont want to cause undue shock.

Variegated Privet November 2011

These are often overlooked but are one of the most exciting parts of the garden. I started with lots of small ones because they were cheaper but they didnt really grow and so I got bigger ones and they were a bit slow, but they all look a bit more lively at the moment. I have just taken a picture of everyone of them in a row one after the other. In some shots its hard to spot the privet as its so small. I feel confident now that the hedge is established and im now looking forward to being able to work it as a whole hedge and not a bunch of individually struggling privet plants.

Variegated Privet

Hopefully they are still alive, this is one of the hottest areas of the garden.