Florida Garden

Podocarpus Shrub

I think I have four lots of this, the first two are the ancient ones that came with the house which are big and round, plus the two new ones that I brought accidently from Home Depot. I think they are the same shrub.

Im hoping that they will proove resilient.

Podocarpus Shrub February 2015

I brought a load more for the Western drive edge as they are so easy to maintain and grow. I think they are a favorite now. I actually with I had planted these instead of Mexican Petunias all those years ago, i'd have a very manageable border by now and saved loads of money. Im going to add them here and there over the next year or two as I see gaps and weed out the Mexican Petunias.

Podocarpus Shrub April 2013

They definatly struggled to start off with but I think they are on the verge of becoming established. I think the tipping point will be when they can shield their own roots from the hot sun.

Podocarpus Shrub November 2011

The two mature bushes are doing as they always do, and the two little plants are actually doing OK, or at least not dieing like they were. And ive even managed to get a clipping to take root. Im not sure if the clipping is that or a seed? I dont recall how I did it. It could very well be that I did 10 pots and thats all that survived. Im really looking forward to the two small ones doing well as I really want to reinforce that front corner and this bush is very solid.

Podocarpus Shrub

They are in the hottest part of the garden.

August 2011

The two new ones are a bit burnt, but I think they'll soldier on. I was looking over my porch and saw the inside of the big round one and was totally amazed at how thick the trunk was!!! It has to be a foot diameter. You can see in the photo, but thats massive, must have been there for years.