Florida Garden


The neighbour gave me this. It was loose on the ground like the roots never get deep.

I planted it in 2010 and it seems quite happy.

Bromeliad August 2013

Like everything else, its really getting big.

Bromeliad April 2013

Probably has proper roots. When I first got it you could kick it around the yard as its roots didnt go anywhere, I just plonked it down in that spot.

Bromeliad November 2011

Its been there at least a year now and its certainly filling out. Im wondering how deep the roots have gone since I put it there. I dont dare try to shove it but before, when it was in my neigbhours yard you just had to shove it with your foot nd it moved along. Hopefully its rooted better and deeper. Whilst not the best spot its good for the gutter which gets a lot of water when it rains if it can spread its roots in that direction.


I think its a bromelaid as it can collect water with its leaves? Although I think its a palm as well as I have seen them in the shops. I'll look out for the name.