Florida Garden


I currently have 6 grape plants. I brought one a while back but it was really slow and then I brought two more bigger specimens and build a climbing trestle.

The climbing trestle was also placed to provide a bit of privacy. One thing to note about grapes is that they loose all of their leaves in the winter which makes it a rubbish privacy screen for all year use. The first grape plant can be seen against the smaller trellis to the side of the house.

Grapes August 2013

Uploaded quite a few photos of the main grape plant which is going quite insane. Its really sprouting off at every angle it can and really looks like it will cover the house given time. Hopefully you can see from the photos how its trailing along the roof line as well as the bridge over to the old white metal post. I made the bridge out of rope but have noted that the rope will literally decay within 2 years from the sun.

Grapes January 2013

Just got a new grape plant, it was reduced to $4 at Lowes. And then I got two more for $1.50 each from another Lowes. Thats 6 grape plants now!!

Grapes December 2012

Currently look unimpressive in the winter. Still amazed how the two main ones have rocketed and the original wine is still a stunted unimpressive item. Its interesting really because if I hadnt have brought the two larger grape vines I might have just thought that grapes were not good for my garden. However, I am aware that the smaller one is a different species or rather that it is a grape that grows a solid tree like trunk as opposed to the other two which are more climby, like weeds. Whilst there trunks are quite thick, they are still tight and round. The stem of the small grape will be more flaky and solid, I think. However, that said, its going to take forever at this rate.

Grapes October 2012

The grape plants are going amd and they have really taken hold of climbing over the house. One thing though and thats that there are no grapes. I did notice that on one of the stems the little metal tie that must have been used at some point to tie the vines together has become quite restrictive so i'll have to cut that off or something.

Grapes July 2012

The grape plants have done quite well. I reinforced one of the support struts with a metal fence pole from Home Depot as the timber was rotting, will replace the other next. The grape has made a full crown but not much of a screen. Its also doing well climbimibg onto the house which im not so worried about, the more prolific the better. The best bit is looking at the stems which even though meters away from the base are already quite thick. I can remember watching the first shoots racing to the top, and now its truly consolidating the framework. I just hope it fills out some more to create a full dense screen.

Grapes November 2011

OK year for the grape. Of course they had a tree crash down on them and I accidently cut a few bit vines but all in all its sort of covered the trestle. Hopwfully next year it will increase is density so you cant see through it which was one of the important considerations for me. No fruit as of yet and the leaves are looking ready to drop as they do in the winter which is a bit of a pain as the screen doesnt work them.

August 2011

There was a bit of a disaster on the grape front in that the old orage tree fell on it, or very close to it, and that had a massive vine that totally covered the trellis so the August 2011 shot is a bit tainted. Im not as impressed with the grape as the coverage is not massivly dense however maybe next year it will thicken out?

The grape against the trellis is a slower grower I think. It was in the ground long before the too upright vines and yet its grown very little. Considering it has that whole trellis to itself its nothing to write home about. I think its more of a tree vine that grows a solid trunk and then produces grapes.