Florida Garden

Peach Tree

I think this is the Peach Tree, i'll have to check it out when I return.

Got this from Willis Orchard.

Peach Tree August 2013

Seems bigger.

Peach Tree April 2013

this has sort of established itself now. Its now quite a dominant tree but it seems to be growing at a reasonable rate.

Peach Tree November 2011

Sadly this appears to be sulking now. Its still alive but its not done much and its leaves are grim looking. On a positive note, the cuttings I took from the stem I accidently cut down appear to be still alive, or at least 1 of them and maybe 2. I think one is definatly dead, but the green one with a leaf would not be green with a leaf if there was no root activity. You can just make out the cuttings in the pot behind the Jalapino.

Peach Tree August 2011

Find it hard to look at this one. In the course of weeding I accidently chopped off all its new growth!!! You can see it in the pot where im trying to get it to root!!! Thats so depressing as I take extra care not to do that. What fooled me was that it was really green and coming from the unseen undergrowth. Oh well, at least its healthy, hopefully it will continue to grow.

Peach Tree

Planted it in winter 2010.