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Hazel Nut Tree

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Got a Hazel Nut Tree from Willis Orchard company. Im pretty sure that its an American Filbert Tree.

Looking back at the site it only cost $4.95, lol. Which is surprising really as I remember it having some of the longest roots ever, or maybe that was my imagination? It was planted in December 2010.

Hazel Nut Trees

When I got back after 4 months I noted that the Hazel Nut Tree had not done much, but did appear to have some new sprouts from the base which looked kind of weedish, however, they were so close to the stem that it looked like they might be part of the tree. From the photos below taken in 2011 you can see what I mean. The main stem has not grown at all and is probably dead, but the root bulb has sent up several new sprouts. It looks healthy, I just hope it doesnt get too hot. Its such a small tree, its very easy to see that one getting strimmed up!!!.

The leaves are very hairy.

November 2011

Seems to have died.

August 2011

The tree struggles on, didnt help being buried beneath 4 months of grass growth. This little Hazel Tree would be in the bottom left of the overgrowth picture.