Florida Garden

All In One Almond

This is part of my nut tree phase. I got a whole bunch of nut trees froms Willis Orchard Company. The benefit of the All In One is that it doesnt need a pal to germinate with.

I ordered this in December 2010 and planted taking the risk of frost damage, and as you can see, its still alive, I was actually amazed. Its not best placed but I dont too much, it should at least grow.

All In One Almond August 2013

Still alive. the stemm is a bit rotten but I have painted that with bark protector/healer so hopefully it might recover?

All In One Almond

Obviously this has only been in the ground for 4 months so theres not much of a story as of yet.

When it arrived it was just roots, it didnt arrive in a pot or anything. I thought I took some photos of the roots but maybe not?

November 2011

Well, the exciting news is that the All In One Almond made a recovery which was nice. Must have been the hot summer and lack of water, but its now back in action with two new shoots.

August 2011

Not looking too good. Im guessing that at some stage it got too dry and it sort of looks dead but I have looked at it very closely and determined that it does have what look like sort of healthy buds on it so im hoping that this two weeks of water water water will bring it back from the dead.