Florida Garden

Green Plant

Dont know what this is, got it from the garage sale April 2011.

Green Plants August 2013

Something appears to have eaten this plant. Hopefully it will grow back. I think it was grasshoppers as there are quite a few of them about. - Wow, after 2-3 weeks its almost doubled in size with a new shoot, plus the old one is coming back.

Green Plants April 2013

This is really starting to get big. I dont think it will get much bigger but its certainly established.

Green Plants October 2012

I should really try to figure out what this is as I see it everywhere. My one seems to be going from strength to strength.

Green Plants July 2012

Still dont know what this is but its doing really well. Hard to imagine thats its only been there for just over a year.

Green Plants February 2012

Looking a bit jaded for the winter but still holding its own and maybe a little bigger?

Green Plants November 2011

This seems to be getting bigger.


August 2011 it has frogs in it, they must think its a good place to hang out.