Florida Garden

Triangle Palm

August 2011 planted a triangle palm.

Triangle Palm August 2013

This is growing really well, quite impressed really.

Triangle Palm April 2013

Im getting quite excited about this one as its really thickening up at the base and starting to look less like somethin I just brought at the shop and shoved into the ground and more like a plant that actually lives there. And also you can really see from the photos that its much larger than it used to be which cant be said for quite a few of the other plants such as the coconut, christmas and blueberry to name a few.

Triangle Palm October 2012

The one in the front is doing well, most noticably its base which is easily 5-6 inches across and visibly impressive. The foilage looks ok. The one in the back is still establishing itself but looks quite settled. It was more mature but still its base is not as big as the one in the front. Photo shows weeds which are actually 6-12 inches tall, note how you cant see any brick wall or the label or even much of the 'tall' catcus to the right. Surviving weeds is something all my plants must do.

Triangle Palm February 2012

Seems to be doing OK, the base stem is noticably thicker and it has a nice new shoot. Also, I got a 7 gallon Triangle Palm from Home Depot for $19 which you can see in the photos. Its a mega cheat but im not so fussed.

Triangle Palm

Im trying to expand my collection of palms. Hopefully it will grow. This is the most demanding part of the garden as it gets the most sun.