Florida Garden

Silver Bottonwood

Saw this at the beach and was impressed by its soft leaves and then saw it at Home Depot so I brought it. Planted around September 2011

Silver Bottonwood February 2015

The Silver Bottonwood is getting bedraggled by all the other plants. Not sure if it will make it really.

Silver Bottonwood August 2013

Still there, again.

Silver Bottonwood April 2013

Still there.

Silver Bottonwood December 2012

Still there.

Silver Bottonwood October 2012

Has sent up a little bit of growth but its not really flourished. Maybe its just focussing on its roots. Its leaves initially seemed to be a bit mouldy and manky but at least its still there. Can decide it its just settling in slowly or if it doesnt like being there. Personally I think its in a great position as it will get sun and water but will be shaded for much of the day plus it will probably cope quite well across winter. The hardest time for this has to be a hot summer? But im not really sure at all really why its not really going for it.

Silver Bottonwood February 2012

Its definatly grown a bit but its looking a bit manky, especially near the grown, maybe thats the winter or the closeness to the dirt when the rain comes off of the roof caking the leaves or a mixture or maybe its just not well? I looks like its grown a couple of inches though. Maybe spring will see it bloom?

Silver Bottonwood

Hopefully this will grow into something decent.