Florida Garden

Mockernut Hickory Tree

Got this from Willis Orchard.

Its still alive. Planted it December 2010 and by March it looked lost, but now in August 2011 after clearing tons of vegetation out of the way I found it, and it had a couple of healthy leaves on it!!!

Mockernut Hickory Tree August 2013

This is not sort of officially established, ie its not 6 inches tall buried beneath a forest of weeds.

Mockernut Hickory Tree November 2011

As you can see, its actually putting up quite a fight to grow and has quite a few leaves considering it was completly buried.

Mockernut Hickory Tree

Apparently this will grow to quite a height, if it gets pas being 6" tall!!! The photo of overgrowth shows where this little 6" tree was when I got hre in August 2011!!!