Florida Garden


The garden has become a real focus for me. I love planting stuff and watching it grow. The only problem is that it takes so long for anything to grow. The links to the left detail bits of the garden, they might be a bit jumbled, theres no master plan here.

I have a basic garden plan here, its only basic and needs improving, click here for garden plan.

In The Beginning

When I got here the garden was pretty much empty and I only started planting things to create a bit more privacy, first there were three palms at the back to screen the fenceline, and then the first mamoth job of planting Mexican Petunias all arounf the perimiter. After that I started to get a bit too excited and planted a variety of small plants that mainly died, and then an orange tree, and then loads of citrus tres, palms, fruit trees, grape vines, broclains (spell?) and on this Dec 2010 trip a set of nut trees, an olive tree, a banana tree and three blueberry bushes. I doubt its over yet either. Its incredibly exciting planting all this stuff and so I might find it easy to warble.